Design: Sections

Acousti-trac stretch fabric acoustic panels systm can be used not only on a variety of surfaces, but also in conjunction with a wide assortment of trims and reveals. Acousti-trac can also function as colunm wrap or wherever other outside corners configurations are required.

dwg 1

2343 Acousti-trac 1/2" ( 12.5 mm) shown here against a ceiling / wall. This is the same for 2360 1" ( 50 mm ).

dwg 2

2072 Acousti-trac 1/2" ( 12.5mm) Bullnose with a reveal. The reveal must be wide enough to accommodate the tucking installation tool which is typically 4" ( 100mm).

dwg 3

2343 Acousti-trac 1/2" ( 12.5mm) corner / edge trac shown where panels meet in a corner. This allows for a crisp corner detail.

dwg 4

2072 Acousti-trac 1/2" ( 12.5 mm ) profile with a cornice or cove installed to fill the reveal after installation.

dwg 5

2072 Acousti-trac 1/2" (12.5) similar to drawing 4" ( 100mm) with rubber base. Base can be installed first if needed and used as a guide for panel installation.

dwg 6

2072 Acousti-trac 1/2" ( 12.5 mm ) must be installed before wood base for access to retention jaws. 2343 can be used if base already in place.

Similar to Detail section #1, Acousti-trac panel system can be utilized in many attractive and interesting arrangements. All of these design details can accommodate 1/2" (12.5mm), 1" ( 25 mm), 1.5" ( 38 mm)  or any other 1/2" ( 12.5 mm) increments.

dwg 7

This detail illustrates 2072 Acousti-trac 1/2" ( 12.5mm) being used as an abutted seam. This can work with all of the Acousti-trac profiles and can be used to create interesting reveals such as Bevel 2265 1/2" ( 12.5mm) or 2288 1" ( 25 mm) etc.

dwg 8

Acousti-trac with attractive reveals. Painted wood, anodized aluminum, or any other colourful insert can be used as a visual break between panel fabric width restriction or to create interesting design featueres.

dwg 9

2072 1/2" ( 12.5mm) Acousti-trac showing a furred out panel to 1" (25mm) for greater sound absorption with a shallow reveal.

dwg 10

2072 Acousti-trac 1/2" ( 12.5mm) shown as an outside finish to a corner.

dwg 11

2072 Acousti-trac 1/2" ( 12.5mm) shown as an outside finish to a corner with a wood underlay " bumper" for heavy traffic areas where the fabric can end in the trac profile teeth or carried around to terminate with another Acousti-trac profile.

More details for corner details and partitions walls. Let your imagination guide you for interesting and unique configuerations and feel free to call our helpful staff for any technical question on design.

dwg 12

2072 1/2" ( 12.5 mm) Acousti-trac illustrated as another corner detail with continuous panels for total fabric coverage. In this instants, the substrate walls need not be perfectly finished saving time and money.

dwg 13

2072 1/2" ( 12.5mm) Acousti-trac used in conjunction with 2343 1/2" ( 12.5mm) for a close ceiling finish as a tackable/ light acoustic panel.

dwg 14

2072 Acousti-trac 1/2" ( 12.5 mm) shown as an acoustic surface on a low partition wall. 2071 1" ( 25 mm) could also be used for greater sound absorption with a wider wood cap attached after installation.