In 1980, Our product developers set upon designing an acoustic panel track system with engineers and industrial designers from a local extruding manufacturer. It had to be economical, easy to install and able to handle curved walls and circular applications with relative ease, as well as dependably secure to hold tight the various panel and upholstery fabrics available on the market.

The rest, we might say, is history and ACOUSTI-TRAC™ was born! Four major profiles were developed; Bullnose, Square and Beveled edges, in addition to Ceiling Edge trac: an extrusion that works with the other profiles to fit tight into corners and up against finished ceilings. These profiles are produced in 1/2" and 1" versions, all made from a fire rated PVC extrusion.Learn more...


What is Sound?

Sound is the vibration of the individual molecules of any substance. Sound vibrates in the air and moves through the substance like a wave, hence the term "sound wave". Three characteristics that define a sound wave are frequency, wavelength, and amplitude. We will look at these in depth in the following paragraphs. The only place in which sound can't travel is in a vacuum. Noise and sound are often used to mean the same thing and are measured in Decibels.

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Other Products

Soundproofing solutions are available for walls, ceilings and floors in all building applications. We also handle soundproofing in industrial environments. We offer a complete line of barriers, absorbers, sound control underlayments and sound isolation clips for your noise control applications. Whether you are in need of a simple acoustic treatment or have a more complicated project like a recording studio, we have the products you need. Everything is in-stock – ready to ship. We can also assist you with your home theater design to ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment from your entertainment room.

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Home Theatre

Testimonial 1



“We had ACOUSTICS WEST MANUFACTURING Ltd. Apply their Acousti-trac stretch fabric acoustic panel to our home theatre and boy what a difference it has made! Now we don’t have to have the volume so loud to compensate for the bad acoustic. It has made everyone in the house a lot happier.”

Testimonial 2

“We had just built our new community centre and were excited about having a space where we could all get together for concerts, plays, and community meeting. Our excitement soon turned to disappointment when we realized that the acoustics of our beautiful new hall were terrible! No one could understand what was being said if there were three or more people in the room. Clearly something had to be done.

That’s when we contacted ACOUSTICS WEST MANUFACTURING Ltd. To help us tackle our reverb problems. We had Acoustics West Man.Ltd. Calculate the amount of ACOUSTI-TRAC™(acoustic panel system) that would be required to bring down the reverb from a whopping 8.7 seconds to a manageable 1.2 seconds. After they installed their 2” thick ACOUSTI-TRAC™ stretch fabric panel to the upper walls and ceiling the room sounded great! Our first community meeting was met with rave revues for Acoustics West manufacturing and ACOUSTI-TRAC™ Acoustic panels system. Well done!”

Fabric Manufacturers

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Wovin Wall

image Wovin Wall® specialises in decorative and acoustic wall and ceiling panelling solutions. The Wovin Wall® and Wave Wall™ ranges are elegant, simple, lightweight wall and ceiling features which create texture within a space.

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